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Does Waxing Cause Wrinkles?

There is a myth going around among clients 30 and over that waxing causes wrinkles. This is a myth that needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Waxing...Not Just a Summer Fling

Waxing services do not need to be a summer fling. Capitalize on building your business with three proven strategies to turn those seasonal waxing clients into regular waxing clients all year round.

Happy National Sunscreen Day (INFOGRAPHIC)!

Today, May 27, 2016, is National Sunscreen Day. No doubt, you educate your clients on the importance of sunscreen, but proper sun protection requires the right amount of product all over the body multiple times a day.

Reflections: Let Your Eyes Shine

The eyes are often the first thing that people notice about an individual, and unfortunately, they are often taken for granted.

Massage Treatment Finds Balance with Aromatic Blends

With emotions and stress as the top source for weight concerns, a new body treatment has incorporated the aromachological benefits of essential oils and massage methods for overall well-being and balance.

Third Eye: Using Color When Thinking In 3s

This article suggests a fresh approach to “thinking in threes” by basing your suggestions on their eye, skin and hair color.

6 Tips for New Age Periorbital Rejuvenation

This article will take a look at non-invasive techniques to improve three eye conditions that are of concern to most patients: wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Eye Lift in a Jar: Can Skin Care Ingredients Replace the Scalpel?

As an alternative to an eye lift, skin care can offer a multifaceted solution to all eye issues. The most advanced ingredients can have real benefits to smooth, soothe, firm, lift, support capillary integrity, brighten, reduce dark coloration and enhance circulation.

Playing Up the Eyes When the Sun Goes Down

editing...Evening lighting is much more subdued than daylight, making contouring and definition required to define the facial features, especially the eyes.

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