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Reflections: Take That, Hormones

This issue of Skin Inc. explores the various stages of life where hormones fluctuate, and the skin might take a beating.

Ancestry and Skin: Produce Results for Skin of Any Color

As the U.S. population grows, it will become increasingly important to know how to serve a diverse clientele. Every skin has a much deeper story than what meets the surface, and ancestry plays a major role in how the skin will respond to certain ingredients and treatments.

The AAD Updates its ABCs of Treating Acne

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has come out with updated guidelines for the treatment of acne.

Hormonally-driven Hyperpigmentation and Acne

Hormonal fluctuations are responsible for a multitude of actions in the body, including regulating growth, metabolism, digestion, sleep, and skin function and texture.These fluctuations can result in noticeable changes in the skin, most commonly hyperpigmentation and acne.

Tried and True: Treating the Top 3 Post-Baby Concerns

Due to dramatic hormone fluctuations during and after pregnancy, the skin may show some unwanted changes. Skin conditions such as melasma, stretch marks and varicose veins are of the most common issues that clients want treatments for after pregnancy.

Erasing Ink: Options for Your Tattooed Clients

There is a growing trend of people wanting their ink to be erased. According to research firm IBISWorld, spending on tattoo removals is still growing and is expected to reach $83.2 million in 2018.

Everything's Coming Up Roses at the Spa

If you or your clients couldn't get enough of roses this past Valentine's Day, soak up these top six rosy spa treatments.

Treating Skin Changes During Perimenopause

This article will look at how fluctuating hormones can affect the skin, as well as suggest effective treatments and ingredients to mitigate conditions brought on by these unavoidable hormonal changes. It also will offer suggestions to help soothe perimenopause symptoms such as sleep disruption and hot flashes, which can affect skin health.

Yummy Spa Treatments: Chocolate, Pearls and More

What could be more decadent than telling your clients to relax their feet in chocolate or get slathered in crushed freshwater pearls?

Microbead Alternatives for Effective Exfoliation

As the spa community evaluates their retail inventory of exfoliating products, skin professionals may be looking for a safe and compliant exfoliating scrub that does not compromise on efficacy.

18 Must-have Tools for the Acne Arsenal

Acne is a chronic condition of the skin. It affects millions of people and is frequently treated in esthetics. This article will delve into the most successful ingredients and treatments for eliminating acne—“the acne arsenal.”

What To Expect When Your Client’s Expecting

Every part of the body goes through changes during pregnancy, and the skin is no exception. Skin changes occur in about 90% of pregnant women in one form or another due to the surge of hormones.

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