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Tried and True: Busting 5 Common Tanning Myths

Gear clients up for spring break trips or summer by encouraging them to use adequate sun protection. You know who your bronze goddesses are; bust their bad summer habits to help deliver beautiful skin all year long.

Doctors Find Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency

Radio frequency (RF) can be effective for skin tightening around the eyes and lips with marginal success on the body, according to a panel discussion of doctors at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2015.

What Does Bromance Have to Do With Skin Care?

After finding that 90% of men see caring as a sign of strength, Dove is tapping into men's softer side with skin care.

DNA Repair in Skin Care

DNA is information everyone should become familiar with as we move to the next paradigm in skin care. While DNA repair is occurring in our body roughly 100 trillion times every day, we apparently still need more help. There is a delicate balance between oxygen being used a repair and sustain life and the infamous free radical cascade that is often the main contributor to aging. Our DNA is critical to our health and survival, but does our skin really benefit from this novel ingredient class?

Recover from Winter Skin with the Right Ingredients

The harsh effects of winter can leave the skin feeling dry, irritated or flaky, causing breakouts, excessive oil or sensitive skin. Because the skin remains dull and dehydrated during winter months, spring skin requires ingredients and products that are formulated to deliver results and renewal. As you help your clients revitalize their skin, keep in mind that these ingredients will work with the skin at a cellular level to provide visible results.

It's a Sweet Time For Candy-Inspired Spa Treatments

Here's a sampling of spas that are offering candy, chocolate and sweet-inspired treatments, which can inspire you to create your own sugary spa offerings that are totally fat free.

3 Essentials for Full Body Anti-aging

The rest of your body ages at the same rate as your face but only receives a fraction of the care, if any. Full body anti-aging skin care is a trend that addresses this imbalance and provides the opportunity to focus on specific areas of the body with precise measure and care

Video: Bringing Treatments Up to Speed

The Advanced Education Conference at Face & Body Midwest 2016 on Mar. 12, 2016, was all about presenting attendees with the latest business practices, research and techniques in the spa industry, and the treatment track truly delivered on that premise.

Fruit of the Vine: The Mighty Grape

nutrients can be eaten and applied to the skin to nourish, protect and transform the health skin. In this article, let’s dig into the amazing qualities of the grape.

Top 3 Beauty Trends for a Healthy 2016

Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling reveals her top three beauty trends to look for this year.

AAD Fights Acne With Combo Treatments

The best way to fight acne is by combining treatments, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology.

When SPF Isn’t Enough

Skin cancer rates continue to rise every year, so it is clear the current approach to sun protection is not enough. It may be time to dig deeper to find out why—and how we can lower the number of malignant and nonmalignant skin cancer incidences.

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