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Detox Baths on the Menu

Along with relaxation benefits, detox baths are reported to cleanse the body of toxins while lending support to various systems.

Ayurveda Free E-Book Released From Shankara

Shankara Ayurveda Spa has released a free e-book all about an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Don't Toss That Sunscreen

You may have read the report and panicked that you were recommending inadequate or harmful sun protection, but before you go back to the drawing board, read the below.

Five Benefits of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup has grown in recent years, providing a method to hygienically and flawlessly create a beautiful canvas. Many spas have added this service to their offerings, but some may still be on the fence

Nitric Oxide Proven Safe for Acne Treatment

Novan Therapeutics conducted a study to assess the exposure of pharmacokinetics and safety of SB204 gel in adults with acne vulgaris.

Klotho Findings Connected with Chronic Psychological Stress

Klotho levels are sensitive to psychosocial stressors and raise the possibility that klotho may serve as a novel biological link connecting stress, depression and risk for accelerated disease development.

Uncovering the Layers of Skin Peels

New trends and acids have been combined with traditional peel methods and formulas to pave the way for estheticians to customize results for clients.

Laser and Light Devices Stay On Top for the Fourth Year

Laser, light and energy-based devices remain the top cosmetic procedure category for the fourth year in a row, new survey results show.

Researchers Identify Genes Associated with Ageless Women

Harvard Researchers, Olay and 23andMe teamed up to conduct a study that links gene expression to the appearance of women's skin with age.

SKINtuition: Sleep Deprivation and Skin

This is the first column all about skin by industry educator Annet King, director of global education for the The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. Here, she discussed the havoc that sleep deprivation can wreak on skin, how to spot it in clients and recommendations to give to them for better sleep—and better skin.

Laser Application of Gold Nanoshells for Acne

Nano shells enable selective photothermolysis to help prevent acne.

Regulating Medical Devices for Beauty: Part I—Determining Class

An increasing number of developments in the beauty industry involve devices, which are often used in combination with cosmetic products.

Melanoma Dramatically Increasing in Young Adults

Since 1973, melanoma has increased by more than 250% among children, adolescents and young adults.

Introducing Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance

Leaders in the fields of health coaching and esthetics announce the formation of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance.

Wellness Trend on the Brink of Explosion

Susie Ellis, president and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit identifies a trend that will begin to significantly impact the spa and wellness industry.

Five Client Tips for "Bacne"

Back acne, or "bacne," is a troublesome condition for many, particularly over the summer months. Here, Jayme Bashian, director and lead esthetician of Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa, provides five client tips to clear bacne and prevent its return.

How Does Botox Actually Change the Skin?

Two researchers sought to get a better handle on the effect of Botox on the skin for mild facial wrinkles.

Repêchage Conference Focuses on Hypersensitive Skin Care Solutions

The company's annual conference examined the benefits of various species of seaweed as well as a newly patented Micro Silver technology used to treat rosacea and other hypersensitive skin conditions.

8 Steps to Follow on "Don't Fry Day"—and Everyday

The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention shares eight steps to follow in order to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Vitamin A is for Acne

Vitamin A can be used in its various forms—in the treatment room and at home—to support acne treatment and bring skin back to optimal health.

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