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Could Himalayan Salt Replace Basalt in the Spa?

Ska:ná The Spa is now using Himalayan salt stones instead of traditional basalt stones, which it believes will be the new way of performing stone massages in the spa industry.

Defensive Natural Ingredients to Shield and Strengthen Skin

Skin is a highly complex and specialized organ of immunity and defense that functions as a continuous, impassable physical and chemical barrier to keep out water, sunlight, impurities and potentially infectious pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins.

Are DIY Skin Care Treatments a Do or a Don't?

Expert dermatologist Zoe Diana Draelos recommends checking the ingredients before you DIY because you might get burned with break outs.

‘Future Spa’ Serves Up IV Detox Drip

The Standard, East Village hotel in New York is serving up skin detox treatments in drip form and more this April at its spa pop-up.

What Makes Oils Essential

The demand for essential oils has reached new dimensions, which brings sustainability to the forefront of this once cottage industry.

Nature’s Answer to Sensitive Skin

According to the number of botanical clinical trials conducted and available, the best evidence exists in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions and diseases, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Body Smooth: Tackling Body Skin Challenges

Beyond the visual signs of aging, the body is subject to a host of other skin issues from keratosis pilaris to eczema and acne scarring. These issues are something numerous clients struggle with, which may sometimes significantly impact their self-esteem.

3 Solutions for Modern Society’s Skin Woes

With more people living in urban areas, increased technology use and the rising levels of pollutants, sensitizing and aging effects of modern lifestyles are becoming unavoidable.

Take a Spring Break with 7 Floral Spa Treatments

When was the last time you gave your clients a spring break? Check out seven blooming floral treatments for inspiration.

4 Easier Ways to Explain Free Radicals to Clients

Chances are, your clients have heard about free radicals from magazines, blogs or even on social media. But do they really know about the damage these common skin-agers can cause? Establish your skin care authority and educate your clients with these simple explanations. Because clients should get their skin care wisdom from you, not a random blog.

Meditate And Lessen Back Pain

A new study found 342 people with chronic low-back pain felt better with two methods: mindfulness based stress reduction and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Reflections: Support Safe Sun

This issue of Skin Inc. is getting serious about a better understanding of sun protection and improved sun safety measures.

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