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Keeping a Watchful Eye On Aging

The eye area is the first to show signs of aging, and may require earlier, more aggressive approaches to anti-aging treatments. Findings associated with periorbital aging include dark under-eye circles, “bagging” or loss of elasticity, shadowing in the tear trough, crows’ feet or wrinkling lateral to the eye, and loss of opacity (increased translucency) of the under-eye skin.

Battling Product Resistance

Product resistance occurs as a result of diet, lifestyle, environmental factors or excessive use of harsh skin care treatments.

Sugaring: There’s No Sweeter Choice

Although the methods used for sugaring have been modernized, sugaring is definitely still an art. It will take patience and practice to become fluent.

Flower Power: Remedies for Mental Health

As a homeopath and esthetician, I have chosen to write this article on Bach flower remedies for all spa industry professionals.

Ride the Sound Wave for Better Sleep and Memory

It may be possible to slow down age-related memory loss through a new technique from Northwestern University that syncs sound stimulation with brain waves during sleep.

Peel Perspective: 4 Must-Attend Classes at Face & Body Northern California

Face & Body Northern California will delve into the world of peels. Estheticians will get perspectives on how to use peels and what to consider when choosing them for their clients.

Is Preventative Botox Worth It?

Preventative Botox is a relatively new trend, favored by twenty- and thirtysomethings as a preventative anti-aging measure.

Tried and True: 5 Must-know Masks for Estheticians

Masks are most commonly used as the last step in a treatment protocol to deliver vital nutrients, rehydrate, exfoliate and/or purify the skin. Below are five types of masks that clients will love.

10 Spa Treatments for Spring

Everyone needs a little springtime detox. These spa treatments embody all that spring has to offer.

Reflections: Plug In, Mask Up

There are a number of skin care devices currently on the professional skin care market, and they can work wonders in boosting the efficacy of a treatment, but I am often told that selecting the right one for your spa and its clientele can be difficult.

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