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Smooth Operator: Exfoliating Body Treatments

Exfoliation, whether through manual manipulation or by using chemicals to loosen dead skin cells and debris, is a form of deep cleansing that can be an important step in maintaining a healthy-looking complexion as well as a well-functioning protective skin barrier.

The Key to Avoiding Depression May be a Fit Heart…For Men at Least

Lower depression rates have been linked to higher cardiorespiratory fitness, according to a new study.

Bold Brows and Flawless Skin: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Just in time for the holidays, European Wax Center (EWC) has released two distinct product lines to address skin and brow needs during this festive time.

Prep Clients for Winter Skin

As winter sets in, educate clients on the value of adjusting their skin care routine.

You Are What You Eat: Nutrient Ratio Affects Skin Structure

New research out of Australia and Norway shows, in a mouse model, how nutrition impacts the structure of skin. Interestingly, the ratio of nutrients had a larger impact than total intake; and the results were gender-dependent.

Reflections: A Winter's Glow

You and your clients may not love winter as much as I do, but with this information, we hope to bestow a love for glowy, winter skin.

Help Relieve Back Pain with These 5 Fixes

Estheticians are often silent sufferers of back pain. Dr. Hong Shen offers five lifestyle changes that can help curb back pain.

Inside-Out/Outside-In Skin Hydration

Targeted nutrition, both dietary and topical, can dramatically increase the moisture level of the skin. There’s a “nourish from the inside-out and outside-in” story to be told here with skin hydration. Let’s begin by looking at how hydration works in the skin.

Global Cosmetic Lasers Market Projected to Reach $1.1 Billion by 2021

Various drivers are causing the upswing, including growth in the adoption of noninvasive cosmetic procedures, changing lifestyle and increasing disposable income, advancement in technology, and increasing medical tourism.

Be Bright, Be You

It has taken me decades to realize that my mom was always onto something. She can own any room she walks into, but not necessarily because of her unique style—it is her individuality and positivity that radiates.

Bring on the Moisture

Understanding how the skin functions, as well as adopting therapies to introduce and lock moisture into the skin, will help you and your clients achieve balanced, hydrated skin throughout the seasons.

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