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Keep an Eye Out for Carboxy Treatment

A new trend in skin care, carboxy is an injection of carbon dioxide into the soft tissue underneath the eye to reduce dark under eye circles. With this treatment comes much controversy, however, and Daniel C. Mills, M.D., president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shared his insight on the treatment.

VIDEO: Vitamin C Facial by G.M. Collin

Katie Anderson, managing editor of Skin Inc. magazine, was experiencing some dehydration and dullness when she went to IECSC Las Vegas 2016, and G.M. Collin had the answer.

Unstuck: Day Spa Promotes Colonic Detox

Holistics therapists at the Mornington Day Spa in Mornington, Victoria, Australia have designed individual detox treatments to assist the removal of built up toxins in the body and to help treat skin conditions.

Crunch Time: Why Your Face Needs a Workout

Could estheticians become personal facial trainers of the future? At Face Love Fitness, the spa aims at working clients' facial muscles, and the results are amazing.

Combining Topicals and LED for Increased Efficacy

At IECSC Las Vegas, Lightwave is demonstrating how topical skin care can be infused into the skin with light emitting diode (LED) technology.

Tried and True: Lasers Gone Wild

If anyone is reading this and feels that they do not have the proper knowledge to operate lasers please, get additional training before treating anyone else.

Should You Make the Sweet Switch to Sugaring?

There has been a lot of talk recently about sugaring as a way to remove unwanted hair with sugar. Once they make the sweet switch from waxing to sugaring, both estheticians and clients are hooked.

Pennsylvania Spa Adds ‘Smartphone Detox’ Treatment to Menu

Blackberry-infused massage provides relief to sore hands and wrists caused by frequent cell phone usage. The 25-minute treatment can be added on as an upgrade to any service.

An Ounce of Prevention

So while you plan how to help correct your clients in office, here are four main topicals that will help prevent and correct damaged skin before, during and after their in-office treatments.

#10Things to Share About Sun Exposure

Summer is here, which means that vacation, outdoor dining and lots of sun will be in the lineup. This article focuses on #10things to share with your clients about sun exposure.

A Better Way to Shave

Whether you offer barbering services or just skin care for men, knowing the proper shaving protocol can help ensure healthy skin for your male clientele.

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