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University of California Launches Wellbeing Channel

Jiyo, the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and the University of California San Diego School of Medicine have partnered together to launch the UC Wellness Channel for curated health and wellness content.

Into the Light: Contouring for Day and Night

Contouring and highlighting are effective methods for enhancing facial features when done correctly. In case you haven’t been following these mega trends, contouring is the use of shadows to slim the face and minimize undesirable features, whereas highlighting is the use of light to bring forward certain features.

Skintuition: Talking Teen

Ask any Gen Z or iGen girl how they’d like to celebrate their birthday, and the answer today might be “spa party!” Here are a few simple ideas on how to customize your offerings to meet their needs, other than offering snacks and free wifi.

VIDEO: The Nutrition of Beautiful Skin

We sat down with Ginger Hodulik, co-owner of DermaMed Solutions, before her presentation at Face & Body Northern California 2016, to discuss nutrition.

Men: Skin Made Complicated

All men might be created equal, but their skin is not. Professionals may be intimidated by the dominance of men acquiring specialized products, services and treatments, but being knowledgeable can help professionals subdue the fear.

VIDEO: Enzyme Therapy Demonstration

At Face & Body Northern California, DMK showcased its Signature Enzyme Therapy treatment protocol, here seen in time-lapse. The treatment enhances optimal skin function, promoting oxygenation, circulation, collagen production and lymphatic drainage.

Mediation Proven To Make You Healthier Longer

Science has proved that there is truth to the "reset button," with evidence that vacation and meditation help improve immune function and psychological wellness.

Theraplex Gets the Face in Shape

The new two-step peel procedure, Beta-Lift R, was introduced by Theraplex at a cosmetic boot camp in Aspen, Colorado.

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