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Suneva Medical Celebrates Bellafill’s Steady Growth

The privately-held aesthetics company commemorates 10 years of growth for their flagship brand, Bellafill.

Tried and True: Top 5 Ways to Prevent Acne

Acne is preventable! Clients can fend off the stubborn disorder before treatment through skin care and lifestyle changes that put a halt to breakouts.

Lasers Found to Be Effective in Treating Acne

A recent study found that laser treatments for acne were both safe and effective. If your clients struggle with acne, lasers could be the answer they've been waiting for.

Addressing Acne at Face & Body Northern California

One of the hot topics for this year's Face & Body Northern California spa expo and conference is acne. Learn how industry experts are addressing acne with microgreens, science and popular treatment during supplier classes.

3 Wellness Attractions at Face & Body Northern California

Wellness is no longer just a trend. Learn how you can incorporate wellness into your spa and practice at Face & Body Northern California with these wellness attractions.

Aglow or Acne? Pregnancy Changes

Rising hormone levels can have a tremendous impact on the skin. Author Victoria Tabak discusses changes to the skin during pregnancy, which can include stretch marks, acne and pigmentation changes.

The True Cost of Psoriasis

A recent report by The Patients Association and LEO Pharma took a look at the emotional and economic impact of psoriasis. Additionally, the report looked at ways to improve the condition of people with the disease.

Alastin Reveals Significant Findings at Summit in Aesthetic Medicine Meeting

Researchers from Alastin Skincare revealed conclusions to three studies that focus on anti-aging and improved outcomes after laser resurfacing procedures.

Face Mapping: Connecting Acne With Internal Health

Face mapping is a holistic tool that has been practiced for centuries. According to the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, a breakout can offer insights to the root cause of that pesky pimple.

Tried and True: Top 5 Treatments for the Eyes

Reducing the appearance of aging in the eye area can be difficult, but is common, and prevention goes a long way. Below are the top five treatments that can benefit the eye area.

Beach Body Season: Is Your Med Spa Ready?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, cosmetic procedures increased by 12% in 2015, and demand is steadily increasing for non-invasive treatments to get clients' beach body ready.

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