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Top 3 Non-invasive Procedures Perfect for the Holidays

Your clients want to look good for the holidays without the downtime. Peter J. Capizzi, M.D., gives his top three treatments that are most effective.

VIDEO: Sugar of the Nile Strip Paste Method

Sugar of the Nile's Strip Paste method

Smooth Operator: Exfoliating Body Treatments

Exfoliation, whether through manual manipulation or by using chemicals to loosen dead skin cells and debris, is a form of deep cleansing that can be an important step in maintaining a healthy-looking complexion as well as a well-functioning protective skin barrier.

The Key to Avoiding Depression May be a Fit Heart…For Men at Least

Lower depression rates have been linked to higher cardiorespiratory fitness, according to a new study.

VIDEO: Animation of DMK Enzyme Masque 1

This animation will help you understand how the skin benefits from our Enzyme Masque #1, have a look at true oxygen therapy in full effect.

Bold Brows and Flawless Skin: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Just in time for the holidays, European Wax Center (EWC) has released two distinct product lines to address skin and brow needs during this festive time.

Prep Clients for Winter Skin

As winter sets in, educate clients on the value of adjusting their skin care routine.

You Are What You Eat: Nutrient Ratio Affects Skin Structure

New research out of Australia and Norway shows, in a mouse model, how nutrition impacts the structure of skin. Interestingly, the ratio of nutrients had a larger impact than total intake; and the results were gender-dependent.

Reflections: A Winter's Glow

You and your clients may not love winter as much as I do, but with this information, we hope to bestow a love for glowy, winter skin.

VIDEO: GeneO+ OxyGeneo Technology

Similar to the natural hot springs effect, the geneO+ Super Facial significantly accelerates the absorption and optimal utilization of nutrients by the skin combining exfoliation, nutrient infusion, and oxygenation from within.

Help Relieve Back Pain with These 5 Fixes

Estheticians are often silent sufferers of back pain. Dr. Hong Shen offers five lifestyle changes that can help curb back pain.

VIDEO: Activaderm's dEp Under Eye Patch Tutorial

The dĒp Patch and C+ Liquid Gold Infusing Serum helps lighten, brighten and tighten skin, while reducing the appearance of dark and tired skin under the eyes.

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