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The Male Market

By Howard Murad, MD, and Jeff Murad
Posted: September 19, 2007, from the October 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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In this vein, there is now an influx of simplified, multifunctional products with names and packaging that specifically speak to men. Studies show that men gravitate toward products that easily identify their purpose and specify the benefits provided. Product benefit callouts have a stronger effect on men than specific ingredients do. As long as the products are perceived to work, men are not concerned with why or how it’s done. Research also suggests that men are more attracted to products that call out to them, with words such as “Men” or “Man” appearing somewhere on the packaging.

Due to its relative youth, men’s skin care is a constantly evolving market. As men become more and more interested in grooming and skin care products, professional spa facial services are following close behind. After a spa visit, it has been found that male clients are committed to following their esthetician’s recommendations, and they are very open to booking a series of services. The key to success is scheduling their services when they are at the spa, as well as following up with confirmation calls. Once they write the appointment in their calendar, the male client is typically a loyal one.

Classifications of the male consumer

While some men have been pioneers in the areas of style and grooming, other men have only recently begun to follow their lead. Building a loyal male clientele starts with matching various age groups and classifications of men to the benefits and needs that most closely match their type. The following are three key types of men, as well as what they are typically looking for in skin care.

Metrosexual. The metrosexual is an upwardly mobile male who is very interested in his appearance and grooming and is always willing to try a new product or spa service.

Übersexual. Übersexual is a new classification. This man is interested in his appearance and grooming, but tends to be more traditionally manly and rugged than the metrosexual man. The übersexual man is open to products and services, but often requires they be presented in a masculine way with more manly names and packaging.