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Diagonal Reports Offers State of Today's Spa Industry

Posted: June 9, 2010

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In the meantime, spas are concentrating on the opportunities. After such explosive growth, this shakeout was overdue and will benefit the sector according to seasoned observers. Spas must now move into a more mature phase of their market development. They can no longer be viewed as a license to print money, but businesses that must control costs and offer services that clients want. Spas - once synonymous with luxury and pampering - are no longer the preserve of a small and elite consumer segment. Spa usage has been democratized as the technical revolution in spa equipment and facilities has brought well-being services (especially massages) to the masses. Spas have gone mainstream. The consumer switch from luxury to maintenance treatments benefits a certain (leaner) type of spa operators. Convenience is the key word. Compact services are now in demand and spas, which offer “smaller price and smaller time packages” to their clients are now expanding in the United States.

This new report determines the value of the United States spa market in US$ billions. It segments spas operating in the United States into luxury, mid-market and budget categories, and estimates their share of this USbn$ market. It identifies the companies and brands used in spas. It also determines the value of the main spa therapy or treatment categories, the value of in-spa retail sales. It identifies current and expected sales trends and changes in consumer behavior as a result of the economic recession and the developing spa sector. It lists the top spas in the United States as identified by their peers. Findings are based on in-depth discussions conducted with spa managers and experts in day and hotel spas across the US during March–April 2010.