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Spa Design: Creating Personality

By Kelsey Blackwell
Posted: August 22, 2007, from the September 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

It isn’t easy to impress the average spa client. She’s not new to five-star service, custom treatments or tasty low-cal fare, and when she books a spa vacation twice a year, she wants something more. The destination should cater to her goals and unique interests, and should feel as though it were built just for her. With the recent trends in spa design, finding this is as painless as a good pedicure.
      To compete in an ever-expanding market, spas are defining and refining themselves to mirror the desires of their clientele—and they’re starting from the ground up. Here’s how spa designers are helping owners find their fingerprint. For more ideas, see Tips and Trends.

       Before creating blueprints, Michael Effler flies to a proposed spa location to determine the spirit of the land. “It’s a matter of

Tips and Trends

Following are some additional ideas to keep in mind when conceptualizing or redesigning your spa.

Break out of boxes. “We’re looking at changing the dynamic of the medical industry by getting physicians out of boxes,” Effler says. He recommends creating client-friendly spaces by redesigning areas where medical procedures are performed. According to Effler, “No one likes sitting on those little paper things.”