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Top Beauty Trends for 2010

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: March 26, 2010, from the April 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

For spas and clients alike, beauty trends are an exciting glimpse at what many love about the beauty industry—the innovations, the breakthroughs and the flat-out amazing discoveries that work to make women and men even more beautiful. In 2010, the biggest beauty trends prove that where beauty is concerned, a little of the old can be as trendy as a lot of the new, and clients are eager to kick-start this new decade of beauty with fun; a goal you can help them achieve by working with the following trends.

The tools of the road

Tools are fascinating, and nowhere are they garnering more attention than in the beauty world. And although clients aren’t going to go so far as to forsake their estheticians, for today’s beauty trendster, do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty tools are an increasingly popular skin care bridge between spa visits. Hair removal, extreme exfoliation, laser line reversal and even at-home light therapy for hyperpigmentation all are becoming more and more mainstream, and savvy beauty companies are jumping on board. From prestige to mass, the trend for DIY at-home beauty is only just beginning to reach its full potential as a building block to spa services.

The little antioxidant that could

Antioxidants have made a name for themselves in the beauty world that few ingredients can match. Given their prevalence in every type of skin care product and treatment, it might be presumed that the antioxidant’s time in the sun had passed—however, it hasn’t. Antioxidants are here to stay, and now their anti-aging and overall well-being benefits are being added to more items than just skin care. Makeup brands are embracing the power of antioxidants in eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, and even mascara and eye liner. In addition to protecting the skin from environmental damage, many antioxidant makeup products also boast anti-aging and wrinkle-reversing properties, as well. For today’s typical über-busy woman, the multibenefit aspect of antioxidant makeup is not only a hot trend; it’s a smart trend, as well, so it is your job as a spa professional to educate clients about the importance of antioxidants.

In the tween of things

Teenagers, it may seem, spend a good deal of their time feeling entitled, but perhaps they are onto something. The tween and teen skin care trend is one area where young adults might just have every reason to feel entitled. Faced with record levels of stress, responsibility and opportunity, today’s teenagers also deal with growing numbers of acne outbreaks, skin problems and unprecedented exposure to environmental damage. Although not necessarily a new trend in 2010, the need for skin care that is formulated to expressly meet the needs of this unique group of individuals is one of the most exciting trends that continues to gain momentum. These days, brands aren’t just paying lip service to this category, either. Today’s suppliers have made advancements in ingredients, formulation, delivery methods and even packaging that truly provide a benefit to young skin, and help prep these beauty newbies for long-term skin care success. Not yet ready for their mother’s favorite products, yet definitely in need of more than soap and water, skin care and cosmetic lines that offer carefully edited products specifically tailored to benefit young skin are timely, effective and here to stay.

Technology for wow

Another exciting trend that is poised to be hot in 2010 is the rise of unique applicator systems for color cosmetics. Not content to merely offer consumers the same old options as in the past, today’s cosmetics brands are rolling out technologically advanced applicators and formulas that promise photo-finish application and precision; and high-definition results never seen before. Sound too good to be true? Maybe not. Some brands are beginning to offer products with unique features, such as a futuristic paint-roller applicator that seamlessly applies makeup to the skin or a roller-ball applicator for an antioxidant-enriched formula designed to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Foundation isn’t the only product to sport such cutting-edge technology. A new mascara on the market features an oscillating wand that provides an application so precise that the results are said to rival the lush appearance of false lashes. Photo-finish results for everyday wear are on trend and on time.

The rise of the eyes