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NMI Releases Top Trends for the New Decade

Posted: February 16, 2010

Many clients and spas are living the trends listed below, and it is useful to recognize these behaviors as trends in order to align your business with a changing reality, making sure your spa is relevant now and in the future.

The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) revealed its latest trends, which are the result of various NMI research sources including the Health & Wellness Trends Database, the LOHAS Consumer Trends Database, Healthy Aging/Boomer Database and Supplements/OTC/Rx Database, as well as analysis of current activities in the marketplace.

NMI databases, now including 11 years of data across 500,000+ U.S. consumers, provide comprehensive information throughout more than 150 product categories.

Getting “Off the Grid”

A new spirit of self-reliance is now the driving force on a very personal level as consumers prioritize their spending and behavior toward what they believe is both purposeful, principled and powerful; what they can control. There is an almost tribal feeling to this shift, a circling of the wagons, as consumers actively pursue ways to become more self sufficient even beyond their spending habits, including household-generated energy, water conservation and purification, self-directed healthcare and private gardens; just a few of the ways consumers are looking to optimize their own resourcefulness and their sense of control.

Meaningful GREEN

GREEN has penetrated the consciousness and purchasing behavior of consumers across the globe with almost every company and product claiming at least a small place at the sustainability table. The challenge now is in achieving meaningful differentiation, as GREEN initiatives must be distinctive, memorable and measurable if they are to impact environmental, social and economic dimensions. Consumers demand that green products provide the same benefits and price as conventional products so it will be vital to align these elements into a powerful and profitable GREEN marketing mix. Look for the meaning of GREEN to move beyond the struggle of statistics – x% less packaging, y% more energy-efficient- to new communication platforms that extend the meaning of GREEN.