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NYC Web Site Looks at the City's Wellness Trends for 2010

Posted: January 13, 2010

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Western docs give us five minutes, an antibiotic, and send us on our way, a prescription for health that just doesn’t track with natural-living New Yorkers. That could be why, as acupuncture moves into the mainstream, the needle-wielding practitioners are becoming as specialized as their Western MD counterparts, with fortes in fertility (Jill Blakeway) and oncology support (Joan Boccino) to facial rejuvenation (Beth Hooper and Laura Kauffmann). We predict more group practices where seasonal allergies, sports injuries and insomnia are treated under one roof.

8. Fitness fashion trends go feminine

The demand for Lululemon and Omala skeggings prove that there is such a thing as female fitness gear, and that NYC women are willing to pay for the butt-flattering styles, chic comfort and athletic street cred, just like the guys have done for years.

9. Practitioners who make products

First, the dermatologists did it. Then the facialists. Now a handful of New York City acupuncturists, massage therapist, and other healing types are creating their own product lines that supplement their work and their wholesome philosophies. Many of these organic beauty and health remedies are USDA certified and handmade: Buddha Nose by Shiatsu practitioner-and yogi Amy Galper; Hope Gillerman’s aroma remedies inspired by her Alexander Technique students, and She Essential Beauty, created by two NYC acupuncturists, uses Chinese herbs.