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NYC Web Site Looks at the City's Wellness Trends for 2010

Posted: January 13, 2010

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5. Urban homesteading: DIY veggie-canning and fruit-dehydrating become super chic

The city’s best kitchens are going DIY. Marlow & Sons, for example, does all its butchering in-house, so they can buy whole animals directly from farmers. And New Yorkers are embracing canning classes and fruit dehydration like it’s 1899. Classes at the Brooklyn Kitchen, a DIY mecca, include canning with Kelly Geary and brewing kombucha with Eric Childs, and Rachel Graville teaches food dehydration techniques at Whole Foods. Call it a quest for purity and transparency in food sourcing, with the bonus social aspect of group prepping.

6. Yin and yang in yoga: mega-studios and boutique studios predicts 2010 will be a year of yoga studio extremes. On one end of the spectrum, mega-studios such as YogaWorks and Pure Yoga add gym-like amenities—think showers and towels, steam and sauna—and use a monthly membership model for revenue. On the other end, intimate, quirky, and donation-only studios like Yoga to the People and Namaste Yoga & Tranquility Center become increasingly popular for less-corporate yogis and freelancers.

7. Meet the specialist acupuncturist