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SpaFinder Seeks Out the Decade's Top Trends

Posted: January 7, 2010

SpaFinder has revealed its list of the decade's top 10 spa industry trends, singling out advancements in treatments, products and business models.

While SpaFinder has been forecasting annual spa trends for many years, 2010 represents the first time the company has spotlighted the top 10 spa trends for an entire decade. And what a decade it’s been. From organic to indigenous, from social spa-ing to the online spa scene, the spa category was radically transformed and expanded from 2000 to 2010, as the industry met global challenges with unprecedented innovations that will positively impact the spa industry for years to come.

SpaFinder's list of the decade’s ‘Top 10’ includes previously analyzed trends that have proven to be the most enduring and resonant. However, the company also challenged its team of experts to consider trends not previously selected for the company’s yearly top 10 lists—those that weren’t as evident at the time, yet in retrospect proved a real game-changer. A biggie: the rise of the spa gift market, and the explosion globally of gift certificates, cards and vouchers.

Top 10 spa trends of the decade

1. Indigenous Treatments. While one would see the use of local ingredients and local customs on occasion at spas decades ago, during the past decade this became an almost unspoken rule. Culturally grounded ingredients, treatments and customs deliver that healthy native flavor, and they also represent the unearthing of special, often centuries-old experiences that could not be easily replicated. From a lomi lomi massage in Hawaii, to the Royal Javanese Lular wedding ritual from Indonesia, indigenous treatments gave spas a grounded sense of place that has made each spa-going experience around the world truly unique.