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Making Room for Men

By: Laura Root and James Mason
Posted: June 29, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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In other words, you do not have to drop down to a three-part system if the system actually has more than three parts. Men can handle a complex regimen as long as they get why each part is important. Call it the why factor.

Don’t think so? Compare the technicalities of fixing a carburetor, following nuanced sports rules or knowing any of a number of difficult business intricacies to the process of a skin care routine. Those things can all be much more involved than a seven-part skin care regimen, and men deal with themevery day.

This ‘getting why it is important’ detail is helpful in another way, too. If you explain the importance of home care to a guy and he gets it, he will probably sign on to the whole package of products you recommend. If you show him the value of consistent professional service and actually display to him that value, he will undoubtedly come back—and keep coming back for a long time. In this instance, appropriately educating the client results in unwavering allegiance, and fortunately, many men are reasonably predictable and usually incredibly loyal.

Maturity for men

Now that the myriad of pitfalls and expectations of spa conduct when it comes to men have been enumerated, you are probably asking what you can offer to assist with a solution? Begin by recognizing that when guys want professional skin care services, they really want privacy—including man-sized robes, dressing rooms and one room for all services.

And just as you would have a discussion with your female clients about services and products, when serving your guy clients, you need to cater to the “why” factor. Explain the reasoning for performing the procedures and the necessity of appropriate home care products with a factual conversation, not a lecture. Also, guys do not, in general, read women’s magazines, which is where many ladies discover new procedures, ingredients and products, so you have the opportunity to introduce guys to new discoveries and inform them with facts in this regard.