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Making Room for Men

By: Laura Root and James Mason
Posted: June 29, 2009, from the July 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
man getting a massage

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If asked, they would prefer you to bring the mud to them rather than having to trot down to the mud room. And moving them to a wax room or an equipment room for some other treatment element or offering? No thanks. Staying put in the primary treatment room is the ideal situation.

As for atmosphere, lose the idea of a club room, barbering lounge or anything that looks like or reminds people of an airport lounge. Most of the guys you will ever see would not know a club room if it bit them on the shin, and few go to barbers anymore and would not be willing to pay the costs of proper barbering anyway. Also, the cold sterility and fake joy ambience of a lounge mostly just irritates guys.

Men consider their time in the professional environment relatively sacred, and they like a straightforward, effective approach. If they are willing to embrace more alternative treatments, even a little bit, they need to be done in a relaxing, non-stressful, get-it-done sort of experience, but remember, results are what your guy clients are looking for.

The good news

There is some good news. Men love to be educated, most men like to be pampered—in a mannish sort of way, of course—and can even be sold on the benefits of regular, professional service, sometimes even more easily than women. However, there are a few details it is important not to overlook.

Men like to learn things, but they do not like to be lectured. Just explain the process and the details as you are performing them. In fact, some silence is okay. However, men get skittish when you take them through a process they do not understand, so be sure to explain all the details and steps. Men can embrace complexity as long as they see a reason for it.