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NMI Sees Natural Trends for 2009

Posted: January 5, 2009

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4. LOHAS 360

The tipping point of the fusion between personal health and planetary sustainability has arrived. Now more than ever, the distinction between the two paradigms is blurred as consumers include their own personal health as a microcosm and reflection of the health of the planet. Increasingly, consumers' values are resonating with companies that are able to fuse both a personal and planetary perspective into their brand/company offerings.

5. Clean sweep

Consumers are expressing a desire to eliminate anything toxic from their lives and seeking to control things that are within their sphere of influence: their relationships, their lifestyles and their bodies. With increased concern about environmental factors, the phenomenon of detoxification as a way to improve personal health is also growing and manifesting in everything from non-toxic consumer electronics and household cleaning products to spa detox and air filtration systems.

6. Not so alternative