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NMI Sees Natural Trends for 2009

Posted: January 5, 2009

The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) recently released its report of annual trends. These trends are the result of various NMI research sources including the Health & Wellness Trends Database, the LOHAS Consumer Trends Database and Healthy Aging/Boomer Database, as well as analysis of current activities in the marketplace. NMI databases, now including 10 years of data across 500,000+ U.S. consumers, help provide comprehensive information across more than 150 product categories.


The overarching concept across health, wellness and sustainability in 2009 is that of recalibration, and that has formed the basis of all of NMI's trends for this year. According to NMI president Maryellen Molyneaux, "After a decade of dualities, highs and lows, consumers are resetting the scales. Our research indicates that consumers are seeking 'The Middle Way,' which NMI defines as a lifestyle approach grounded in comfort, safety, sustainability and moderation. It's manifesting itself in a rising demand for consistent and nourishing energy as an alternative to the roller coaster of caffeine and sleep aids to a reorganization of family finances. It's all about balance—balanced nutrition, balanced budgets, balanced lifestyles and balanced energy".

NMI's top ten trends for 2009 are:

1. Small steps, big changes