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Mintel Maps Out Consumer Trends for 2009

Posted: December 30, 2008

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5. Playfulness, lightening the mood

In tougher times, people not only crave life’s little luxuries, they also need to enjoy themselves … you can’t be serious all the time. Small playful distractions such as neon make-up, fun-to-eat food or interactive stores such as Apple will become increasingly popular as people look to let their hair down and have some fun.

What it means for businesses: Companies will focus on products and experiences that are lighthearted, and those that offer real entertainment will have a significant competitive advantage. Beyond this, manufacturers will launch products specifically designed to enhance people’s moods in unique ways. From food and beauty to household cleaners, Mintel expects to see a widening range of products that soothe, energize or simply lift the spirits.

A new GNPD for 2009

The Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), which monitors product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets worldwide, has undergone dramatic improvements. The new Mintel GNPD makes competitor monitoring, idea generation and new product development simpler and faster.