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SpaFinder Predicts 2009 Spa Trends

Posted: December 29, 2008

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5. Trains, Boats and Planes: In-Transit Spa-Going

Spaing while traveling is reaching a whole new level: trains with fully equipped gyms and spas, planes with spa showers and massage treatments in-flight, health and wellness-oriented cruises, and more. What began as a novelty has turned into big business that uniquely targets today’s captive, over-stressed traveler. Southern India’s Golden Chariot train already features an onboard Ayurvedic center with a fully equipped gym and spa. Almost every major airport now boasts a spa; London’s Heathrow Airport alone has four to choose from. And cruise ships are broadening their health and wellness options beyond the spa facility itself: Crystal Cruises offers Mind-Body-Spirit cruises and Disney has joined the trend by offering a “Detox for Weight Loss” program.

6. Brain Health and ‘Mind Gyms’

Brain health is on spa-goers’ minds today, with a vast, aging baby boomer population, an Alzheimer’s pandemic and medical reports touting the need to keep the brain active to avoid decline. As a result, brain work-outs are popping up on both the day and stay spa menu, with activities, education, technologies and therapies that function like gyms for the mind. Mind Spa Mental Fitness Center in Florida has added a Neurobics Center, featuring computer stations with scientifically developed brain exercise and biofeedback programs, as well as Neurowave chairs to stimulate brain function. The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa in Iowa, working in tandem with a brain research institute, has developed a program to prevent the onset of age-related cognitive disorders.

7. Learning Labs for Stress Reduction