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New Research Shows Beliefs on Male Sexiness Worldwide

Posted: December 8, 2008

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Beauty basics

With this in mind, what is the bare minimum a man must do before he can be considered handsome? Pleasing women could be easier than men think as it turns out keeping it simple and sticking to the basics is far more important to women than it is men.

More than one third of all American women (36%) said that good hygiene was an absolute necessity before a man could be considered handsome, while only 23% of American men thought this was the number one requirement. Instead, American men thought that a man who 'carries himself with confidence', was the most important requirement (36%. Eleven percent of American men also think that working out and being physically fit is an important requirement compared to just 2% of women who think this.

Bald men need not worry. Only 1% of all respondents, including all Americans surveyed, said that a 'full head of hair' is necessary for someone to be handsome. However, a clean shaven face seems to be a must in most places across the globe. Synovate asked male respondents whether or not they preferred the way they look with a clean-shaven face. Nearly eight in ten (79%) men agreed that clean-shaven was best although there were significant differences between markets.

Those who most preferred a clean shaven face were South African men (90%), followed by men in China (88%) and Spain (84%), while those most likely to embrace a beard were men from Greece (34% disagreed on preferring to be clean-shaven), Australia and Brazil (both 25%), and Canada (24%).