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New Research Shows Beliefs on Male Sexiness Worldwide

Posted: December 8, 2008

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The survey also asked respondents, both men and women, which one country has the best-looking men. Many were simply not sure, but there was a clear winner among the named countries.

Italy was ranked as the place with the best looking men (11%), followed by the United States, Russia and Brazil (all 8%). Italian men had top ranking among both men and women—12% of the survey’s male respondents chose Italian men, as did 10% of all female respondents.

Bob Michaels, senior vice president of Synovate's Consumer & Business Insights group in the United States, said that, overall, most respondents were very patriotic and nominated men from their own country. “One stand-out, and possibly quite reassuring, finding for men was that in most markets, women were even more likely than their male counterparts to go for handsome home-growns than to look abroad. But it's perhaps more interesting to look at the results within markets to see which nations are parochial and which look outside their borders for attractive people,” he said.

Some of the market-specific findings:

  • Russia had the highest result for its own nation, with 65% of people saying the best-looking men come from their own country.
  • The United States was fairly confident in the attractiveness of its men, with 55% saying Americans were the best-looking men
  • Canada had a low result for its own men—only 24% of respondents said the best-looking men are to be found at home
  • Brazilian women were a lot more patriotic than the men, with 57% of women saying Brazilians were the best-looking versus just 39% of men. Additionally, the Brazilians were pretty keen on Italians (16%) and American men (9%)
  • Brits had a pretty low opinion of the homegrown men—only 23% went for the home vote. And nearly the same number chose Italian men, 21%.

But are men's looks actually important? Synovate asked male respondents to rank just how important their appearance is to them on a five-point scale and found that 34% of men across the globe rated their looks as ‘very important’ to them. This was highest in South Africa (61%), Brazil (55%) and Russia (53%). Only 15% of American men think their looks are ‘very important’ though another 44% said their looks are ‘quite important’ while an additional 37% said their looks are neither important nor unimportant.