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Feng Shui Creates Success Energy

By: Pat Heydlauff
Posted: November 26, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Make sure the entrance is also welcoming. You can do this by making sure plants are pruned and there are colorful flowers to greet clients. Positive energy needs to enter in order to provide your work space with growth and prosperity.

Paint your walls colors that provide supportive energy for the work being done.

Treatment rooms or medical/dental offices. Walls should be light shades of blue or green; these are very calming colors. Because clients may be uncomfortable and nervous upon arrival, the best energy for them is calming energy. Sales, marketing and professional offices. Walls should be a soft terra-cotta or earth tones, which are conducive to building good relationships with clients. Avoid the hard, stress-oriented energy created by white walls; the stress created by the hard, white energy can easily pass on to clients, resulting in no sales or unsatisfied customers. High-tech, electronic, multi-tasking offices. These areas can be balanced with soft green on the walls and wood furniture. Avoid white here, as well.

Use art and wall décor to further enhance the purpose of the work space. Use motivational art and posters that energize—pieces that depict success, teamwork and winning attitudes are great. Frame them in silver or gold, and hang them on west and northwest walls. Family pictures in any space can be very distracting, so limit them to either a small grouping or a collage in one frame. Place them in the southwest area of your room to energize relationships, both work and personal.

Add plants. In the east and southeast areas of your office, energize both new business and wealth-generation by adding plants that reach upward, such as bamboo. If you do not have a green thumb, use great-looking silk plants or trees. You can also hang pictures of magnificent redwood trees or sequoias to give additional energy to income-generation.