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Feng Shui Creates Success Energy

By: Pat Heydlauff
Posted: November 26, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Does your work space support you? You may have never asked yourself that question, but you should. It should support you energetically. Are the colors on the walls conducive to productivity? Is the entrance clutter-free and welcoming? Does it reflect a serene atmosphere? Whether you work in the corner treatment room of a large spa, or the corner of a rented space, your workspace should provide supportive energy for focus, productivity and income generation.

It used to be that a work space only needed a few simple basics. With all of the high-tech requirements, the more subtle, but equally supportive energy requirements are often overlooked. These provide a balanced atmosphere, allowing you to stay focused, productive and in control of your time. A success-oriented work space contains a balanced amount of both worlds. Integrating some basic feng shui principles and personal design preferences with your high-tech requirements will create a work space that is less stressful and more efficient, which yields more profitability and personal satisfaction.

Energize your space

Before you can invigorate your space for success, it is imperative that you first unclutter it. If you energize certain areas of your area and there is clutter in the way, you will energize the clutter first and create even more clutter. Organize it, file it or get rid of it. Then you are ready to move on.

Following are seven feng shui principles you can apply today to create a balanced work space.

Energize the entrance to your work space. Eliminate any clutter, have it well-lit, remove wastebaskets from the area and make sure the door can swing open. This is not only the entrance to your productivity, but also the entrance to new clients, new business and more profitability. The front entrance and its welcoming statement affect the success of your entire business.