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Color Theory

By: Roberta Hughes
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the April 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The coloring found in the eyes, skin and hair should be worn near or around the face—with clothes, makeup or accessories—and can make all the difference between looking older, tired and unhealthy or appearing rested, healthy and youthful. Studies have found that hues such as pink, coral and salmon, and various blues, such as teal or sky blue, are complementary for most people because they tend to be found in their natural coloring. Drape clients in these colors when providing facial treatments for a healthy and attractive appearance.

Tips. Following are suggestions on how to incorporate interesting combinations of warm and cool hues to complement and enhance the spa experience.

• Decorate with both warm and cool colors in different proportions and scale. A cool slate blue wall can be warmed by sunlight shining through a window onto a painting featuring both cool and warm colors.

• Select spa uniforms that flatter the wearer and blend well with the spa’s décor. Dark-colored pants tend to slenderize all figure types and require less maintenance. The top color is the most memorable, since it is near the face, so opt for colors that complement most skin tones.

• Choose towels, robes and hair capes that flatter your clients and complement their complexions.