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2014 Social Media Predictions

Posted: February 17, 2014
2014 Social Media Predictions

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Video content is becoming more powerful than text-based content. As new platforms emerge and gain market share, visual content will increasingly become a critical piece of any solid content strategy. We have gone from YouTube videos to brief 3-minute-long videos, but the next big trend is the micro video. Twitter’s Vine allows 6-second videos that are hot among Millennials, who are easily distracted by anything that requires more mental commitment.

Facebook’s Instagram now offers a video sharing feature that allows 3-to-15-second videos, and it is gaining traction. The trend is to create and share this kind of video content right from your iPhone or Android. Microvideos are easy to watch and simple to share on “thumb-friendly” mobile devices. The ultimate short-attention-span platform is Snapchat, which is basically a real-time picture-sharing platform. Snapchat allows you to control how long your message can be viewed.

4. A picture says 140 characters

Other image-based social media sites like SlideShare, Tumblr, Path, and Mobli will continue to grow, and businesses will need to become more mindful about the “sharability” factor of photos on their websites and blogs in order to derive significant benefit from their social media content marketing efforts.

Another picture-driven platform, Pinterest, is making great strides as an important part of retailers’ and brands’ sales strategies. Pinterest will see growth in the business world, and steps are being taken to test promoted pins. In 2014, we can expect to see more Pinterest and Instagram advertising platforms. Already, we are seeing exclusive product sales and launches from beauty brands on Pinterest, and we can expect to see the same on Instagram.

5. LinkedIn is the B2B growth platform

Still holding steady as the No. 1 social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn has become a mainstay for working professionals. It will continue to gain momentum among business professionals. Company pages, networking groups, and the new influencers program continue to boost the popularity of LinkedIn among professionals seeking job opportunities or consulting gigs, or looking to gain insight into a particular industry. LinkedIn has positioned itself as one of the largest sources of content creation and curation for professionals. In 2014, LinkedIn will also be pushing a new selection of mobile apps to attract users on the go.

6. Mobile customers rule