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Global Beauty: Trends in the Spa World

By: Melinda Taschetta-Millane
Posted: June 9, 2008

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Healthy cuisine can add great value to the overall spa experience. Leading spas have spent considerable resources in developing wholesome eating options for clients, which has helped to raise the bar on nutritionally balanced eating. Incorporating spa cuisine benefits a facility and also offers a great opportunity to educate clients on another aspect of healthy living.

It is essential for spas to develop a comprehensive spa cuisine menu with a number of options and variations. It must adhere to nutritional guidelines, maintain a wide-ranging selection and keep the palate tantalized. Create diverse choices by using influences from other cultures, and by tapping into local flavors and produce.

Spas have the benefit of educating clients about healthy eating through example. Provide the nutritional value information for each dish served. The entire spa team should be knowledgeable about nutrition, as well. The fitness angle can be viewed as a smaller, yet intricate part of the existing spa business. Think of it as a venture that can accentuate all aspects of the spa and provide a complete package for clients. When looking to incorporate fitness services into the spa environment, analyze the demand and demographics in your area, and take the time to do a complete business analysis and plan.

According to the recent ISPA survey, spa exercise programs were a significant revenue contributor at 19%. According to this samestudy, educational and nutritional classes are offered by 29% of spas in North America.These courses include nutritional consultations, weight management, fitness consultation,body composition, personal training andmedical consultation.

Positioned for growth

This is just an abbreviated preview of the trends in today’s spa industry. It is clear that spas are in a strong position to anticipate the future, insteadof waiting for the future to come to them.