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Global Beauty: Trends in the Spa World

By: Melinda Taschetta-Millane
Posted: June 9, 2008

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As baby boomers enter the latter part of their lives, there is a greater awareness of preventive health care. People are concerned not only with extending their life expectancy,but also maintaining their physical appearance and form. This can be evidenced by the growth of fitness clubs and workout videos, the popularity of yoga and Pilates, and the plethora of exercise classes and healthy cuisine cooking classes taught by master chefs. However, this trend is not unique to just baby boomers—the younger generation also is jumping on the mind/body wellness bandwagon.

The spa industry is poised to do a lot more than mere pampering. Estheticians can make a difference in society by educating their clients on how to achieve mind/body wellness.

Nutrition and the spa: A new trend

Now, more than ever, people are aware that nutrition and regular exercise can help turn back the clock and assist in preventing some of the degenerative diseases of aging. Today’s spas are teaching lifestyle-management skills—often incorporating lifestyle coaching, such as nutrition and fitness, with esthetic treatments.

As educated therapists, estheticians can help guide clients to lead healthier lifestyles. This includes diet and exercise. Spas have come a long way in educating the public about health—particularly members of the aging population, who actively are seeking strategies and information on maximizing good healthand longevity.

Sound nutrition forms the basis of allspa treatments, and proper care of theskin and body is not complete without treating the body from the inside out. It is imperative that estheticians and spa experts become more knowledgeable in the area of health, as the trendof healthy living definitely is here to stay.

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