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Consumers Integrating More Organic into Lifestyles

Posted: March 11, 2008

The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), a leading market research and strategic consulting firm specializing in health, wellness and sustainability, reported today that its recent Health & Wellness Trends Database survey revealed consumer integration of organic into their lifestyles is growing. New data shows total organic household penetration across six product categories is up from 57% in 2006 to 59%, but some categories are experiencing significant penetration growth while others are flat.

More importantly the number of core users, called Devoteds, has grown from 16% in 2006 to 18% in 2007. Devoteds, as their name implies, are the most committed to organic and its ideals and are most likely to have changed their lifestyle to integrate organic. The more a category is used, the more it has to be organic.

Temperates, which have stayed constant at 22% from 2006 to 2007, have modern organic attitudes and fit organic into their lifestyle; the more they use a category, the more an organic version becomes a treat.

Dabblers are non-committal about organic—they can take it or leave it, and their numbers have seen a small drop from 44% in 2006 to 41% in 2007. For them, buying organic is more about hipness than the health benefits.

Reluctants, a segment that grew from 18% in 2006 to 19% in 2007, are the least trustful of organic and believe that conventional products are just as good, if not better, than organics and that organics are not worth the extra cost.