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Winners of the Spa of the Future Challenge Named; Defiant! Teen Spa Takes Top Place

Posted: July 3, 2012

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The Concept - Defiant!

30% of U.S. spas may offer teen treatments, but usually as an afterthought, and often with a “cutesy, bubble-gum” vibe. Defiant! takes a defiantly new approach, dedicated to helping today’s independent, stressed-out, body-conscious teen girls become mentally and physically confident. Designed as a girl’s “Fourth Place” (not home, school, the mall), self-care, self-acceptance and support (from the all-female staff) play starring roles.

Swiping her “D-Life” card at “Debut” (the reception desk) girls enter a fun, high-tech, social place. They can hang out in “Daydream,” the pillow- and iPad-packed central lounge, where they can order from the healthy café, Devour - or hit the “Debauchery Den” with its “Dirty Girl” mudbaths and “Drip-Drop” rain walk. At “Define” (the fitness studio) hip-hop dance, punk aerobics and meditation are on offer; at “Defuse” (the spa, with shorter, affordable treatments) girls can get acne treatments or post-soccer-game leg massages; at “Devotion,” teens meet privately with staff for help with issues they face. Enrichment programming (at the Defiant! website and app, and throughout the spa) spans motivational speeches from female CEOs to advice on dealing with mean girls. Smart technology abounds: from rewards for Foursquare check-ins, to allowing parents to confirm online their daughter is safely at the spa. Smart marketing strategies also abound: from the wide array of party packages and membership levels (that always reward bringing friends), to local flash mob approaches.

2nd place: Cornell University ($500 prize)

Student Team: Mariko Fujiko-White, Andrea Menotti, Hamid Peezeshkian, Yuliya Teterina