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What Trends Will Make Your Business More Profitable? With Exclusive Commentary From Leslie Lyon of Spas2b Inc.

Posted: February 1, 2012

Leslie Lyon, president of Spas2b Inc., a spa business management education, training and consulting company, translates the new Trendwatching trends for 2012 for spas, offering valuable insight and suggestions about how your business can react to these trends in a profitable way.

I always get excited when I read the annual trends report, and this year is no exception. Technology is driving many of these trends and, because of this, a "re-positioning" of sorts continues to be forced upon businesses big and small. If you don't keep up, you may not necessarily expire, but you will lose ground. Here are some points you'll need to consider.

1. Red carpet. Everyone wants to shower Chinese clients and visitors with tailored services, perks, attention and respect; their overseas trips to North America bring unrivaled business opportunities. But what about the Chinese population that is within your surrounding area? Could you be niche marketing to this burgeoning demographic? Do you have Asian staff with Eastern expertise? Why not get your spa on their radar with a showing of specifically catered unique offerings?

2. DIY health. Countless new apps and devices target consumers interested in managing their own health, from maintenance to prevention. Tapping into this trend is a no-brainer for spas. Your client intake form just became service solid gold. Familiarize yourself with your clients' health and these new apps that cover everything from cardio fitness to mole monitoring to pain management, and start looking at the new definition of "client longevity." In the recent past, client longevity has often been related to the lifetime value that a client brings to a business. Now you can really work toward increasing your client's longevity with cutting-edge technological advances that increase lifespan, too.

3. Dealer chic. The best deal is now a way of life, even a source of pride and status. Even though many people have less to spend, they continue to expect the ultimate experience. How you find ways to make deals and offers exciting and attractive is your assignment--and it's mandatory.