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NMI Reveals Key Insights Into Baby Boomer Clients: With Tips For Working With These Clients From Terri Wojak

Posted: October 28, 2011

Following this news items are tips from Terri Wojak, director of True University and True Skin Care Center in Chicago, about how to best work with baby boomer clients in a medical esthetics setting.

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), an international strategic consulting and market research firm, has been studying the health aging/baby boomer consumer segment since 2005 and now has seven years of trended data among more than 20,000 U.S. adults. NMI’s studies are balanced to U.S. Census data across key demographics and statistically significant at the 95% confidence level to +/- 1.8%.

Due to their sheer size, boomers not only have the capacity to redefine aging, they are revolutionizing aging. The emergence of the concept of healthy aging (not anti-aging) has been propelled by this generation of 78 million strong with $3.2 trillion in spending power. Providing them with the tools to keep every aspect of their life healthy as they age is a major opportunity for all industries catering to this influential generation.

NMI’s healthy aging/boomer Database generates unique insight into this generation (and others) to reveal new insights.

Exclusive Advice From Terri Wojak About Working With Boomer Clients