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Only on Top 10 Spa Treatment Trends and How to Market Them

Posted: September 7, 2011
Deep Sea Spa-ing: More and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends.

Deep Sea Spa-ing: More and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends.

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Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to What’s the best way to market Men’s Spa Treatments to men? Market treatments to their wives, girlfriends and mothers instead! Provide an incentive for female clients to bring in their husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers and male friends. Also, promoting a deal on couples massages is a romantic approach to get regular female clients and to bring men into the spa arena without them feeling awkward or girly. Another way to make pampering appealing to men? Make sure men’s services are named appropriately; think Gentlemen’s Facial as opposed to Man’s Floral Facial.

8. Mobile spas

Mobile spas are in high demand as they conveniently bring the day spa experience right to your home, office or venue. With gas prices at an all-time high, the mobile spa experience saves time and money, and is now a popular and sought-after addition to wellness and bridal parties, and even corporate events.

Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to If you own a mobile spa, you already know the best marketing tool is your actual spa-mobile. Using your spa-on-wheels as a moving advertisement in high-traffic residential and commercial areas, such as shopping districts, is free advertising. Another way to acquire new clients is by partnering with local businesses. Putting coupons, images of your mobile spa or business cards in flower shops, dry cleaners and bakeries is a smart way to get everyone from party planners to bridal parties interested in booking your mobile spa for their next event. Don’t forget to offer prenatal services on your menu, as well. This will definitely catch the eye of homebound moms-to-be who can’t drive due to belly size.

9. Deep sea spa-ing

The word “spa” is derived from water, so it is a wonder that water-based spa treatments are so often overlooked. However, more and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends, especially in hotel spas. Each of these water treatments utilized hydrothermal therapy to relax tight and sore muscles and promote smooth and cleansed skin all while stimulating blood circulation to promote healing. Hammam rituals combine heat, aromatherapy, steam, bubbles, water and mud to cleanse the skin and detoxify the body. A Vichy shower is a unique aquatic therapy that invigorates your body while laying flat under powerful water jets, inspired by treatments used in the French city, Vichy. Watsu, short for water Shiatsu, is a massage performed in a warm, shallow pool as the water gently cradles the client so the massage therapist can work the full 360 degrees of your body.

Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to Market water treatments to your clients by creating packages using your hammam or Vichy shower. For example, create a package around a spray tan by adding a Vichy shower treatment followed by a body scrub and then the actual spray tan. You can charge more for the bundle and still give your clients a relaxing, total-body spa getaway.

10. Spa with a conscience

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