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Only on Top 10 Spa Treatment Trends and How to Market Them

Posted: September 7, 2011
Deep Sea Spa-ing: More and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends.

Deep Sea Spa-ing: More and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends.

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More and more spas are incorporating alcohol into their treatment offerings. Champagne and wine-infused treatments can smooth skin tissue, stimulate blood flow and are a powerful ingredient in anti-aging. Beer yeast is rich in elements that increase skin elasticity and improve acne by suppressing sebum. Even Scotch whiskey is showing up on the spa scene; it’s full of sugars, minerals and vitamin B-6, giving it excellent hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to Adding alcohol to traditional spa services is a fun, cost-effective way to bring in extra revenue. For example, you can charge more for a body scrub if it’s a Bourbon and Brown Sugar Body Scrub, and adding the bourbon is at little cost to you. Market different alcohol treatments during different seasons and holidays; try rum spice during the fall months, eggnog during the holiday season and champagne during New Year's and Valentine’s Day.

6. Shellac attack

A cross between gels and a regular manicure, spa-goers love these manicures because they get a long-lasting, no-mess result, and spas love them just as much because it brings in new clients and revenue, without increasing the service time.

Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to Be sure to have lots of signage in your reception and manicure areas. A fun way to get these manicure customers to come back every two weeks is with a stamp card. For every manicure they purchase, the client gets a stamp, and after 10 stamps they get a free manicure. Similar to the cards that get you a free smoothie or salad, using a stamp card will reward loyal, regular clients.

7. Men’s treatments

Did you know men make up for 31% of active spa-goers? And did you know the most common spa packages offered are for men, with 45% of U.S. spas offering such a package? By incorporating no-frills, guy-friendly scents like sandalwood, mustard seed, eucalyptus and thyme, spas are able to successfully market to men. Hot Shaves, Gentlemen’s Facials, Golf Ball Massages and more have enticed male consumers to experiment and experience the health benefits of the spa just as frequently as their female counterparts.

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