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Only on Top 10 Spa Treatment Trends and How to Market Them

Posted: September 7, 2011
Deep Sea Spa-ing: More and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends.

Deep Sea Spa-ing: More and more aquatic treatments, such as hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu are booming trends.

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Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to Marketing Bamboo Massage to loyal spa clients is an easy, cost-effective method to get regulars to try a new service without going out of their comfort zone. Using the actual bamboo reeds in a display or even placing a bamboo plant with signage by the reception desk is an easy way to get clients talking about this eco-friendly treatment.

3. Cupping/Gua Sha

Cupping uses suction on the skin’s surface to “suck” stagnant blood from deep beneath the surface, and Gua Sha “scrapes” the skin to mobilize blood flow in a similar fashion. Both alternative therapies provide extreme pain and tension relief, especially on the back. These therapies are becoming more and more mainstream, despite the temporary bruising it causes, as new consumers experience their drastic benefits.

Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to people see an image of cupping or Gua Sha for the first time, their initial reaction is usually to wince. Although these treatments may look painful, they are actually world-renowned for offering extreme pain-relief. Get your clients familiar with the procedures of cupping or Gua Sha by videotaping a treatment and sharing it on your Facebook page (or, share Spa Week’s video on your Facebook page). Start a dialogue with your clients about the benefits of these two ancient Chinese services. Don’t forget to e-mail your clients with a link to your Facebook post so everyone can check out the video!

4. Acupressure

Acupressure employs the concept of acupuncture, only rather than needles, it uses physical pressure of hands, elbows and other devices. Practitioners target specific points along the body’s energy pathways, or “meridians,” to encourage healing and balance in the individual. Acupressure can provide relief from allergies, chronic arthritis pain and migraines; so pain- sufferers can reap the benefits of this ancient Chinese medicine without fear of being poked.

Exclusive marketing advice from Spa Week to An easy way to get spa clients to try out an acupressure massage is to offer complimentary chair massages in your spa’s waiting area. After only five or 10 minutes, they will be hooked!

5. Boozing with benefits

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