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October 2011 is PBA | NCA Dining For Change Month

Posted: August 23, 2011

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PBA | NCA encourages beauty professionals to make a difference for those impacted by domestic violence and natural disasters by hosting their own Dining for Change get-together during the month of October. To get started, PBA | NCA recommends:

  • Host a dinner/reception in your salon/spa for clients.
  • Promote Dining for Change in your salon/spa and encourage visitors to host their own dinner parties.
  • Host a dinner/reception in your salon/spa and invite surrounding businesses to join in.
  • Host a dinner/reception in your home and invite fellow salon/spa owners and members of the community.
  • Find a creative venue in your area (i.e. a historic park in the community) where you can hold the event. The larger the space, the more people can come, eat and donate.
  • Invite the local media so they can share your story and educate the public on Dining for Change, CUT IT OUT and the PBA | NCA Disaster Relief Fund.

For more information about Dining for Change including collateral and hosting ideas, please contact Rachel Molepske at or visit