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Do Clients Buy Skin Care for Benefits or Because It Makes Them Feel Good?

Posted: July 25, 2011

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For example, one thing that could explain the importance assigned to the unconscious emotional desire "to be attractive to the opposite sex, to be sexually attractive," and which encourages people to buy cosmetics, can be found in one of the most basic programs of the human being, explained in the Darwinist approach to attraction—beautiful faces and well-formed bodies are important biological indicators of a person's value as a sexual partner.

Of the emotional brand-related components studied, "the positive feeling gained from experiencing greater success in social interactions" has the greatest impact on pleasure, the author says.

From a utility perspective, the researchers found that the design of the bottles or containers (attractive, making the product or brand seem technically superior, exceptional and unique) also has an impact on purchasing decisions.

"These results serve as a recommendation to the market to use persuasive strategies focused more on emotional aspects than functional ones," the researcher concludes.

Apaolaza-Ibañez, Vanessa; Hartmann, Patrick; Diehl, Sandra; Terlutter, Ralf. Women satisfaction with cosmetic brands: The role of dissatisfaction and hedonic brand benefits. African Journal of Business Management, 5(3): 792–802, 2011.