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Only on New Report Identifies Spa-goer Trends and Priorities—With Exclusive Commentary About How to Entice Retail Clients

Posted: June 28, 2011

In the 2011 Global Spa Report, published by Coyle Hospitality Group, Coyle surveyed consumers as to why they visit spas, what spa promotions capture their attention, what marketing and promotional efforts work best, and if deals and promotions will actually retain clients. The survey, completed by approximately 1,025 consumers in more 27 countries worldwide, aims to provide spa professionals better insight into their clients and how to promote greater loyalty and client retention.

Stephanie Perrone Goldstein, vice president of sales and marketing for Coyle, gives her top-five takeaways based on the data in the report.

1. Manage your menu

Consistent with last year’s survey, we found that relaxation/stress management remains the top reason people visited spas. For 2011, though the general order remained the same—"improving appearance" had a more significant positive change than other categories, demonstrating what many have predicted due to the economic shift. "Improving appearances" grew by three percentage points this year, with 47% of consumers indicating it as the primary reason for visiting spas. People are focusing more on the basics that will make them feel better physically and emotionally. Again, higher ticket items that take more menu space, higher product cost, labor and sometimes facility (space and maintenance) were far less utilized by consumers.

Spa operators would benefit from looking at menu mix and booking history to see if a refresh is needed on offerings to better market to the consumer. Perhaps instead of a 200-minute ritual as the next addition, consider a slightly higher priced improvement to your 50-minute massage to entice the time-limited, deal-savvy consumer who wants something more than just the basic.

2. Explore your options

We have seen a variety of things when it comes to discounting, deals, promotions and added values, and many spa professionals have advised both against and for the various opportunities out there. Spa operators should always make sure they know their market and find the best ways to target that particular demographic. For some, a deal like Groupon would not work in retaining one client whereas a targeted direct mail piece or open house might bring in many more. In addition, while the use of online deal sites increased to 30% this year, proximity and word-of-mouth recommendations remain the top two reasons consumers book a massage.