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A Return to Professional Skin Care

By: Melinda Taschetta-Millane
Posted: May 27, 2011, from the June 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

According to Professional Skin Care 2010 Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities, a newly released series of regional reports from Kline and Company, consumers are still holding on pretty tightly to their money; however, they are willing to stretch and spend extra on products that will show visible improvement to the skin.

As a result, more consumers are coming back to professional skin care products and have increased the frequency of their visits to skin care facilities, spas and medical spas.

This influx of new customers will undoubtedly continue to raise the hopes of a long-lasting recovery to the market, which registered substantial drops in 2009. The American market has seen positive gains in 2010: Sales in the United States have increased by 2.7%, according to the reports. However, the skin care facilities that have survived need to continue to market and promote to consumers in order to ensure that a steady stream of new business continues to emerge.

And now for the age-old question: How do you find new consumers to convert into clients? We asked our audience this very question in the March online Vocal Point survey (, and many of you had some interesting suggestions that definitely are worth sharing.

“Client education about ingredients and skin care facts is crucial. Empowering clients with knowledge has consistently fed the word-of-mouth referral process at our spa,” says Steffanie Hahn, owner of Essential Spa Services in Vista, California. “I am 85% booked every week with new clients calling. We offer a reasonable price point per service with a discount for re-booking at every appointment as well. In addition, I work at maintaining a specialty service with networking to other businesses that already serve my target group. Finding my niche in a down market has increased my traffic and re-booking percentage.”