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Healthy Aging is Not Just for Boomers Anymore—With Exclusive Commentary About How to Serve the Younger Healthy Aging Client

Posted: May 12, 2011

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Other findings include:

  • Gen Y and Gen X are significantly more likely to be managing high stress levels compared to older generations.
  • All generations want food and beverage labels that would show all the ways they would benefit their health.
  • Gen Y is more likely to state that they prefer to get all their daily nutritional requirements in the foods they eat, rather than supplements.
  • Gen X is looking for foods/beverages that boost energy, burn belly fat, and provide stress relief while Boomers and Matures are more concerned with heart health, joint pain and lowering cholesterol.

Linda Povey, vice president of strategic consulting for the Natural Marketing Institute, tells how skin care professionals can begin meeting the needs of this new, younger healthy aging consumer.

According to Linda Povey, vice president of strategic consulting for the Natural Marketing Institute, "There are several paradigm shifts going on and one of the things skin care professionals can do is be mentors and educators in a more holistic way. Healthy aging is an outside/inside thing. It’s not just topical treatments. Personal care trade shows have gone from white lab coats and the wonders of science to almost a farmers' market.

"Younger people want to get their nutrition from food, so they are thinking about what they fuel their bodies with and how the nourish their bodies. That’s one of the issues.

"The other is that younger people have a strong belief in the idea of detoxification and purification more than boomers ever have, so one of the strategies in skin care treatments for younger people is preventive and proactive services that keep them as toxin-free as possible. Provide younger clients with strategies to clean the whole system, helping rid them of toxins.