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ISPA Raises Its Glass to St. Patrick's Day Spa Treatments: With Exclusive Tips From ISPA President For Bringing in New Clients Through Holiday Promotions

Posted: March 10, 2011

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“Holidays are meant to be fun, but they can often lead to additional stress. The No. 1 reason people go to the spa is to reduce their stress, so it’s the perfect prescription any time of the year. Holidays provide the perfect setting to offer special incentives to spa-goers,” says International SPA Association (ISPA) president Lynne McNees.

Spas can use the following holiday tips to entice spa-goers to visit their location.

  1. Indigenous/local treatments. Use your resources by formulating treatments that incorporate ingredients native to your area. According to the ISPA 2010 U.S. Spa Industry Study, 23% of spas offer indigenous services year-round. Beachside resort spas can offer a sand scrub for Memorial Day, source grapes from local vineyards to create toast-worthy treatment for St. Patrick’s Day and infuse your relaxation area with the scent of pine from the local Christmas tree farm.
  2. Give spa as a gift. Almost all spas offer gift cards and programs for Christmas, Chanukah, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It’s the perfect way to introduce someone to the spa lifestyle. According to the ISPA Global Consumer Study, receiving a gift certificate was the second most motivating factor to visit a spa.
  3. Party time. Partner with your suppliers to host a holiday-themed party. Have giveaways, food and drinks, and free mini-services. Offering membership programs is also a great way to lock in clients for future treatments.
  4. Tie-in food. Most holidays are all about food, so bring it into the spa. Treatments with chocolate for Valentine’s Day, pumpkin for Thanksgiving and peppermint for Christmas will make yummy additions to your treatment menu. Partnering with a local chef to teach a spa cuisine cooking class full of holiday recipes is another fun addition for clients to enjoy.
  5. Reach out to the next generation of spa-goers. Labor Day provides a great back-to-school opportunity for teens at the spa. Formulate a program that will teach them proper skin care, nutrition and sun care in a fun environment.
  6. Get behind a cause. Awareness months allow spas and spa-goers to give back. February’s Heart Month, April’s Stress Awareness Month and October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month create the perfect opportunity for spas to donate a percentage of their profits to a cause. Partnering with your local hospital to offer free screenings and health tips is another way to get clients involved.