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Engaging Spa Clients Through Social Media

By: Nate Myers and Ron Robinson
Posted: January 5, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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8. Align your marketing resources

Have you allocated your marketing resources to maximize your net impact? Are you placing the appropriate weight on each marketing channel given how your customers are actually learning about your products and services and making their purchasing decisions?

A Duke University and American Marketing Association survey found that business-to-consumer product chief marketing officers, on average, will allocate 12.4% of their marketing budget toward social media in the next 12 months, and plan to increase that to 22.6% in the next five years.10 What is the best allocation for your spa and your target audience?

9. Integrate

The best social outbound engagement strategy is the seamless one. Whether you are speaking through an influential online community forum to someone who has never seriously considered purchasing your product before or to a loyalist who you wish to invite to an exclusive event, you want to ensure you deliver a consistent, cohesive brand experience for your audience.