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Engaging Spa Clients Through Social Media

By: Nate Myers and Ron Robinson
Posted: January 5, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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By creating a positive experience where there was a negative void, you are creating a social impact far greater than that one individual. Other online consumers notice when someone they trust has changed their opinion of your brand, and, in addition, it motivates them to reconsider your spa in a more positive light.

6. Cultivate brand ambassadors

Consumers have been shown to be more likely to trust the opinions of other online consumers over those of a company whose products and services they are considering purchasing. The more these people encounter real customers who are passionate about your spa, while still retaining that girl-next-door ring of truth to which they can relate, the greater the chances are that they will go ahead and try your spa.

By developing an environment and support system that cultivates and empowers these consumer brand ambassadors, you will be able to multiply the impact of your social marketing efforts. These are the people who will speak on your behalf through blogs, communities and in direct response to their friends’ posts to share their experience with your product. The spa industry has some of the most passionate and vocal consumers of all. Are you leveraging them? Have you identified who could become your greatest brand ambassadors? What are their demographics, purchasing behaviors and issues? Which of your current client loyalists has a very large online presence and social influence? Who are some of the most influential and credible beauty consumers today whose demographics and activity indicate their potential to be a great fit for your spa, even if they are not yet a current loyalist of yours?

Motivate and enable them to feel even more a part of your brand, and speak on your behalf. Consider product samples, application tips and direct access to some of your experts to ensure that any of their questions are addressed. Is there any technical support they might require to communicate with other spa consumers through pictures, video or online access that you can provide? What additional support, resources or incentives might there be to further motivate them to represent your spa well, and feel that they are recognized and appreciated for doing so?