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What Will Your Business Become This Year?

By: Deedee Crossett
Posted: January 5, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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2. Clients will receive a warm towel to wash their hands and a complimentary tea service before every facial. The goal is to brand the service; all clients are encouraged to come early for their appointments and be relaxed for their service, which will result in improved client retention of 20%.

3. Estheticians will pull consultation cards the day before the appointment, and the service desk will print the schedule first thing in the morning. The spa professionals will check that the room is prepared for all the appointments that will take place that day. You will improve the client experience by being more prepared for the client. Also, while the client is changing, the spa professional will pull the recommended product and have it waiting for the client at the front desk. The goal is to create a client flow that will improve the experience and increase retail sales by 15%.

Write down these goals and have them posted where they can be reviewed daily. The entire team should know the goals, and everyone should be on board to achieve them.

You will have a better buy-in from your team members if they know what’s in it for them: their service commissions will increase, clients will pre-book and retail commission will improve. As an owner, these things may seem obvious to you; however, it is important that you explain what you are doing, why and what’s in it for your team.

Take each weekly or monthly goal one at a time. Once you write it down, go back and detail each individual focus or event. Use positive words and phrases, such as:

  • "I will achieve a 10% increase in my business;”
  • “My clients always pre-book before they leave the spa;”
  • “We have happy clients;” and
  • “Our customer service is amazing.”