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25 Spa Industry Changes by 2020

By: Carol and Robert Trow
Posted: November 29, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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18. At-home devices will enhance professional treatments. An array of new at-home devices will be available to consumers for home use that will actually work. These will address hair removal, hair growth, enhanced product penetration, stimulated collagen production, as well as a brigade of light-based equipment to address pigmentation, rosacea, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and microcurrent facial stimulation. The only question will be how strong these new modalities can be and how a line can be drawn between home use and in-office strength limits.

19. Hair removal and hair enhancement systems will be the norm. Recent advances in science have, for the first time, raised the realistic probability of addressing hair loss in women and men.

20. One of the holy grails in skin care is treating hyperpigmentation. A combination of bioavailable, genetically engineered fruit acids coupled with stem cells will be common. The debate about hydroquinone will end only when a highly potent skin-brightening cocktail is created. A new generation of tyrosinase-inhibitors coupled with organic ingredients is fast-approaching, so expect to see new products offering a cocktail of natural, organic and bioengineered products.

21.There will be better at-home products and the movement to push high-end, efficacious products into the retail and mass market channels will continue. For example, currently many manufacturers are making their lines available to large retail merchants. Retail merchants are hiring spa professionals to work in their stores and are placing high-end skin care on the aisles that lead directly to the prescription counter.

22. The consumer will wake up to the importance of packaging to protect and enhance ingredients. A new type of airless delivery system is on the horizon, and wide-mouth jars will lose traction. Spa professionals must learn why, in many cases, packaging can be as important to efficacy as ingredients.

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