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25 Spa Industry Changes by 2020

By: Carol and Robert Trow
Posted: November 29, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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13. Mass-market retailers will continue adding skin care store-within-a-store concepts that are staffed by estheticians. Treatment rooms will start to appear with greater frequency in mass-market retail locations, just as on-demand medical services are popping up now. Professional treatments and products will become universally acknowledged.

14. There will be an entirely new family of topical formulations that will push the boundaries between what is a cosmetic and what is a drug. Contention will develop about nanoparticles, because the technology will exist to reduce molecular size to infinitesimal levels. Products will focus on working from within rather than the ablative formulations now in use by many companies. This, coupled with the natural aging process, will exacerbate extrinsic aging. A movement to ensure and document the safety of penetrating products will take place.

15. Government regulators will clamp down on unsubstantiated claims and, with the help of physician lobbyists, will begin moving products to over-the-counter or prescription classifications as opposed to cosmetic designations.

16. There will be more pressure by governmental agencies to limit what a spa professional can and cannot do as physicians attempt to limit what can be done without their direct supervision. Spa professionals will face more competition from physicians for consumers’ cosmetic dollars, and will have to establish meaningful relationships with licensed medical practitioners because estheticians may find that their scope of practice will become even more limited than it is today.

17. Stem cell-based products will gain a larger share of the market. The current popularity of fruit stem cells will be complemented by advances in genomics, some of which will only be available from physicians.

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