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25 Spa Industry Changes by 2020

By: Carol and Robert Trow
Posted: November 29, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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8. With social and viral networking expanding at unprecedented rates, product- and service-oriented spas will live or die based on capturing information about their clients and target marketing to a highly defined clientele. This data will be as critical as the treatments offered, and its collection and scrutiny will be vital to survival. Start now.

9. Learn to take advantage of online marketing; blog, network and tweet until your fingers are sore. Seek out an expert in this highly specialized arena.

10. Those spas that try to be all things to all people will fail; something for everybody is not practical and specialization will be important. Become an expert in one aspect of skin care and skin health. Skin care consultations will be more intense and clients will expect that they get a “prescription” to address their skin needs, so skin analysis skills will be vital.

11. An avalanche of new skin care companies appear yearly; however, only a few will survive. Also, without material clinical documentation, consumers will soon grow weary of private label products. Driven by the desire for fast results and clinically proven products, only highly efficacious products will survive. Less than half of the current skin care companies will be in business in 10 years.

12. The trend toward consolidation in skin care companies will continue, with major national conglomerates acquiring boutique companies and marching them to mass distribution channels.

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