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25 Spa Industry Changes by 2020

By: Carol and Robert Trow
Posted: November 29, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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3. Although there will also be a place for hands-on treatments and massage, technology will have a greater role that requires spas to invest more capitol for new technologies and equipment. There will be fewer fluff-and-buff services and more demands to show clients the changes they can expect from treatments, procedures or products. There may be a role for automation in skin care; skin care increasingly will be delivered by handheld devices and other transdermal delivery systems.

4. Estheticians will need to learn about new delivery systems and ingredients as part of their formal education. Continuing professional education will become a requirement to maintain licenses to practice, similar to most medical-oriented professions. Esthetic education will become more comprehensive with more classroom and practical learning mandated, similar to Europe.

5. There is no doubt; the medial alliance with skin care is not going to go away—instead, it will increase.

6. Sun care products—for application both before and after exposure—and self-tanners will continue to expand as consumers finally begin to understand that a tan is a scar and sun exposure will lead to health risks and damaged skin. Campaigns linking sun exposure to skin cancers, wrinkles and pigmentation will become more prominent and similar to anti-smoking information. Consumers will pay more for this category than others because their health concerns will outweigh the cost. Those that make safe sun an integral part of their spa will prosper.

7. Access to skin care information and education will be more widespread and important. The spa of the future will be as much an educational and wellness resource as a treatment facility.

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