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Vitamin Vitality in the Spa

By: Samantha Chmelik
Posted: November 29, 2010, from the December 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The use of natural plant extracts as functional ingredients is also gaining popularity. Certain plant extracts, such as ginkgo biloba and green tea, are thought to provide some UVB protection, as well as skin-repair attributes. The combination of natural plants with scientific vitamins adds extra value to beauty products.

Marketing vitamins

Whether the eye beholds a beauty or health benefit, consumers consistently use and experiment with a variety of vitamins and dietary supplements to improve their appearance. Glucosamine, multivitamins and vitamin C are popular products, regardless of beauty or health positionings; however, the market success of vitamins or dietary supplements depends on the ability of the spa owner or supplier to craft the most locally appropriate marketing message. Ask your clients what vitamins they are taking or seeking for their topical benefits. This information can help you identify your clients’ needs and wants in the sphere of vitamins and can help guide your treatment menu and retail area to help meet the needs of your spa clients.


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Samantha Chmelik is the head of global consumer health research at Euromonitor International, where she manages the syndicated research project that encompasses the over-the-counter industry, vitamins and dietary supplements, sports nutrition and slimming products. She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and as a market intelligence professional for 15 years. She is experienced in conducting market analysis and benchmarking studies.