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ISPA Releases 2010 Spa Industry Report

Posted: October 14, 2010

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Spa establishments account for 76 million-square-feet of indoor space, made up of dedicated treatment rooms, as well as a retail element. Two in three spas contain massage-only treatment rooms; 71% contain skin care-only rooms. Four in 10 spas contain hair styling stations, one in two contain makeup stations. Manicure/pedicure stations are found in 85% of resort/hotel spas and 65% of day spas.

Services and products

Spas received an estimated 143 million client visits in 2009. The primary treatments provided by spas are body or skin care services, including facials, scrubs and wraps (9%); massage services (86%), and salon services (68%). Wellness programs, including weight management and healthy eating, are offered by 17% of spas; and one in 10 spas offer fitness or sports services.

Prices and composition of revenue

Four main spa treatment and service categories — massage and bodywork, skin care, hair and nail — account for 78% of total spa revenue, though average treatment numbers vary considerably by spa type. Retail accounts for 12% of spa revenue, with skin and hair care products accounting for the majority of spending in most spas.


The spa industry employed more than 330,000 people during the spring of 2010; 89% of spas provide a range of benefits to employees.

Spas still serve a predominantly female clientele, though they are actively seeking to diversify the client base, with 45% of spas using packages targeted toward men. Other client groups targeted by spas include: wedding parties; couples; pregnant women; teens (13–19); athletes; families; and others.